Aries Season 2023: Transits to Watch + Aligned Action as Self Care

astrology forecasts self care Mar 20, 2023

 Three weeks ago, I gave birth to a kid with a shitload of Aries energy. He’s a Pisces sun (he gets it from his Mama), but an Aries moon, rising, Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron.

Not gonna lie: as a Libra rising, one of my first thoughts looking at his chart was ho-lee shit, this is a lot of Aries energy. 😳

Ever since, I’ve been pondering what Aries energy is really all about.

Is it the intense impulsivity and dumb confidence meme astrology would have us believe it is? Or something deeper?


Fun fact: SZA doesn't have any Aries placements, but she'd have me fooled. 😄

Sure, there may be some truth to the Aries stereotypes. But the energy of Aries season underneath all that? ALIGNED ACTION.  


Aligned Action is Self Care

What's aligned action, you ask? Simply put, it's action from principle – that is, knowing your values and taking action accordingly, no matter how scary it may seem.

There is something so powerful about taking action. Action is the antidote to fear, and Aries knows this on a subconscious level.

Aries doesn't need to look before it leaps because it is SO in tune with its principles. It knows on a deep, felt-sense level when something is right, so it doesn't need to think about it. Aries knows alignment when it feels it.

This is the core of Aries energy: aligned action, which is action from principle, which is action from passion. Doing what matters to you without question, because it aligns with your values. 

And while the dominant self-care imagery in the collective consciousness includes passive activities, I'd argue aligned actiondoing something kinda scary in service of your authentic selfis one of the greatest acts of self care out there.

This Aries season, let's embrace self care that helps us get over all the "overs": overthinking, overanalyzing. over-hesitating. Let's make Aries season aligned action era.


In this post, I’ll share the high points of the astrology of Aries season 2023 – and how to engage in self care around aligned, courageous action for each transit.

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Aries New Moon: March 21, 2023

The energy: 

Right at the opening of Aries season – which is already a fantastic reset moment – we also get our new moon in Aries. 

The new moon in Aries is a *gorgeous* moment for setting intentions for the new astrological year. All new moons are a new beginning, but this one feels especially potent. The Sun, which is exalted (strong) in Aries, sextiles Pluto the day before.  

Astro Self Care Tips: 

This is a moment to set intentions around how you’ll better embrace and celebrate your individuality. Use the cathartic force of Pluto to clear away anything that’s obscuring your unique light. 

I recommend rituals that use fire (something as simple as lighting a candle!). Here’s a straightforward ritual to get you started:  

  • Reflect on what you’ve let get in the way of being true to your authentic Self.
  • Write anything that comes to mind down on paper. 
  • Burn the paper in a fire safe dish (make sure to have water nearby!)
  • Spend time in meditation, visualizing what you wrote down and put in the fire burning in the light of your solar plexus.  


Pluto in Aquarius: March 23, 2023

The Energy: 

Pluto’s deep. It transforms, seeks control, and brings what’s buried to the surface. It is not just death and the underworld, but the subsequent rebirth that comes with it. 

Aquarius, the fixed air, yang, home sign of Saturn, represents the desire to build new foundations.  It’s able to see things from a more zoomed out point of view. HOWEVER - it can also be very rigid in its approach with Saturn as its ruler. 

They say the Aries/ Libra axis is the sign of the “me and the we”, but I think you could say that about the Aquarius/Leo axis, too. Leo being the “me”, obs - it’s the sun’s sign.

Aquarius though? It’s ruled by Saturn, the lord of darkness and time, because it was the furthest planet from the Sun. If any planet has outsider energy, it’s Saturn. 

Because of its wallflower nature, Saturn can see things others can’t. That’s why Aquarius is the wise water bearer: it’s able to pour out the wisdom its gathered from its distant vantage point and share it with the world.

So, when Pluto is here until 2043, we can expect Tower moments + transformations in society focused on what we agree is collectively important. Saturn is the big daddy of rules, so we may also experience the introduction of more restrictive laws. I’d argue that’s already happening! 

While the challenge of Pluto in Cap was restriction, the challenge of Pluto in Aquarius will be innovation. The old ways have crumbled (Pluto in Cap) and now it’s time to rebuild – but on whose principles? That’s what Pluto in Aquarius will help us reckon with. 

Asto Self Care Tips: 

Pluto in Aquarius will be more of a collective transit, but you can still use this energy. Because Pluto wants control and brings up the shit that activates us, this is a great transit to practice choosing to pause in situations that provoke you. 

To do this: practice creating space between experiencing an unpleasant emotion and reacting to it. 

In other words, feel your feelings instead of immediately trying to do something about them. While Pluto is in Aries, we have the capacity to make sense of why situations provoke us – in other words, to make sense of our feelings. 

But we can’t do that if we don’t take the time to feel them. As they say, the only way out (of having overwhelming, provoking feelings) is through (feeling those feelings). 


The Badass Astrology of April 10-11

The energy:

On April 10, Venus enters Gemini, beautifying our conversations. Within 24 hours, Venus trines Pluto, perhaps giving some depth to those conversations and ideas. Taboo or otherwise off-the-table conversations may happen. 

On the same day as this trine, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Aries.This transit! WE LOVE HER.

The Sun is exalted in Aries. An exalted planet is like a planet staying at their best friend’s house. The Sun doesn’t “rule” Aries, but it’s welcome there. 

Why? The spring equinox, which heralds Aries season, is when daytime starts outpacing night. So, the Sun is celebrated during Aries season – it’s when it returns to the dominant luminary. It makes sense that the Sun, which represents our core, unique energy, would do well in Aries, the sign of individuality and independence. 

Astro Self Care Tips: 

TAKE ALIGNED ACTION! These transits, espesh Jupiter’s conjunction with the Sun, is giving “fortune favors the bold”. 

Aligned action – making courageous moves from your principles – is powerfully supported with the Sun/Jupiter conjunction. Jupiter signifies our values, while the Sun points to our unique expression of Self. 

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New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Aries: April 19, 2023

We end Aries season with a new moon total solar eclipse in Aries. This is the first eclipse on the Libra/Aries axis; this cycle obvs begins here, and will last through 2025. We will get two more eclipses in the Taurus/Scorpio axis in 2023. 

This is technically a “hybrid” eclipse as the luminaries are in the Libra/Aries axis and the nodes are in the Taurus/Scorpio axis. In a situation like this, focus on where the luminaries are – the houses that contain Libra/Aries are what will be activated at this time. 

Here’s a brief reminder of the house topics: 

- First house: Self, body, appearance, vitality

- Second house: Money, possessions, values, skills, mastery, self-worth

- Third house: Communication, daily life, siblings, local environment

- Fourth house: Home, parents, ancestral roots, inner security

- Fifth House: Children, creative projects, sex, pleasure

- Sixth House: daily work, physical health, habits, wellness

- Seventh House: committed partnerships, open enemies

- Eighth House: other people's resources & esteem, contracts, death

- Ninth House: travel, education, publishing, religion, astrology, philosophy

- Tenth House: Career, public standing, reputation, what you're known for

- Eleventh House: Allies, benefactors, good fortune, groups + friends

- Twelfth House What's hidden, secrets, sorrows, loss, mental health

 Astro Self Care Tips: 

Know that this is a new beginning in whatever house topics the Aries part of your chart activates. Additionally, this new moon could be building on whatever happened at the Aries new moon at the beginning of the season. 

This eclipse has some fascinating energy: Jupiter is co-present, bringing optimism and ease, but the luminaries are also squaring Pluto, creating a sense of transformation and depth. 

So, despite this being a new moon, I’d first take this time to reflect. How have the intentions you set at the Aries new moon in the beginning of the month have manifested so far? 

Then, supercharge your progress with buildable intentions. What I mean is, take your pre-existing intentions from the first new moon, and build on them. 

For example:

  • If your beginning-of-month new moon intention was “I assert my needs with confidence and clarity”, 
  • And you get to the end of the month and you realize you need to work on feeling guilty around asserting your needs, 
  • Build your intention to now say “I’m confident and clear in asserting my needs because my needs matter”. The last part is meant to address the guilt, but with positive phrasing. 


That's it for today – Happy Aries Season!  


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