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Supporting Your Spiritual Wellness

Know Yourself: Connect to your inner world

Spiritual wellness begins with a strong connection to your inner world ‚Äď the¬†source of your intuition, wisdom, and guidance.

When you know who you are on a spiritual level, you gain more empathy, compassion, dignity, and love.  Not just for yourself, but for everyone you meet. 

Free Yourself: Detach from limiting beliefs

Strong awareness leads to knowledge that helps us love ourselves more deeply, but it also shows us how we play small, stay stuck, and self-sabotage.

When you face these limiting beliefs and behaviors head-on, you untangle from the undergrowth of fear they grow from. 

Be Yourself: Align with your highest vision

Fully aware of who you are in all your light and shadow, you can make choices with clarity, confidence, and courage.

Because you're connected to inner world, your guidance is loud and clear. You aren't afraid to make bold moves, creating a life that serves you and the highest good of all.

I'm Dana, the Creator of Self Help Witch

My work with Self Help Witch all started in 2019, in a way I never saw coming.

After years of feeling deeply unsatisfied with life, I made a bold choice to quit drinking. I really had no idea if this would help me or not, but in all my years of trying and failing to feel good about my life, it was the one thing I hadn't tried. 

Little did I know this life change would open my eyes to the truth: all my adult life, I’d been numbing myself from the pain of my past, the fear of rejection, and the low self-worth that had been running my life.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to figure out: How do we actually become the best versions of ourselves? Stop self-sabotaging, selling ourselves short, and living scared of our full potential? How do we actually free ourselves from all that holds us back and live courageously in alignment with our inner truth? 

Everything I create is an answer to these questions. Explore our current resources in the section below. 

Questions, course requests, something else? Reach out. I'd love to hear from you! 

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