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Self Help Witch helps you understand yourself, embody your gifts, and live a fulfilled life with astrology + spiritual self-development.   

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Self Help Witch explores the inherently magical nature of self-development work through the lens of astrology, psychology, and all things mystic.

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Astrology to help you understand yourself, embody your gifts, and live a fulfilled life.


Do you spend your time questioning... 

  • What’s my purpose? 
  • Will I find love? 
  • How can I better connect with myself? 
  • What’s in store for my career?
  • When will my business get off the ground?  
  • How will significant astrology transits affect me personally? 


Feel like you’re searching for answers, but overwhelmed by all the information out there? 


I know what it’s like…


Looking up your birth chart and knowing your “big 3”. ✨

Knowing astrology can tell you so much information about yourself, but not knowing how to access or interpret it. 🤔

Clicking on Google pages just to find that the information was too vague or not even what you were looking for. 🤬

Following the advice of the TikTok and Instagram astrologers, and always knowing about the next New Moon. 🌚


But you’re still asking… 

  • How do I leverage my strengths?
  • What’s the best way to support my success? 
  • Why do I keep hitting resistance in my life? 
  • How can I learn more about my relationships through astrology?
  • What should I do to feel happy in life? 
  • Why don’t I feel fulfilled in my work?


Your birth chart has the answers.

We help you understand them with applied astrology.

Wait… how is applied astrology different?


If you’ve had a reading before, you probably walked out feeling inspired and motivated. Maybe you also felt a teensy bit vulnerable from just being called out? 🙋‍♀️


But then you wonder, “What do I do now?”


You have all this information and no way to work with it in your life. 


The whole point of the reading was to help you find answers and now you just have more questions. 😭


When you get a reading, people are doing just that: reading what is there. 


The real magic happens when you apply these learnings into practical solutions for you!

At its core, astrology represents our connection to something bigger, and is a deeply spiritual practice.  It is honoring what we’re born with and working with that to grow and heal.  


Knowing the patterns in your chart, how they affect you, and the challenges they activate will help you better understand how to respond to situations in your life.  
Working with your astrology isn’t just locking your door and staying inside when Mercury goes retrograde.
It’s learning how to find your center in the chaos 
Knowing your unique astrology helps you to:
  • Understand your past and look at patterns in your life 
  • Learn to make empowered choices 
  • Know how to take grounded, aligned action
  • Prepare you for the future, by knowing what to expect
  • Bring you into deeper connection with yourself
This is how you use astrology as a tool to help with real change in your life.
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Read my story  ➝

I’ve always believed life should light you up. 

As an astrologer with an MA in School Counseling, I use my knowledge of symbols + the human mind, along with my passion for unapologetic living, to empower others to embody who they really are.

My mission is to help you make the mind, body, soul connection and uncover the most authentic version of yourself.

"Dana’s readings are informative, professional, and yet personal in a way that makes you feel as if you are getting to know yourself better. She is highly accurate and helpful and will work with you to identify important transitions and moments in your life. I will continue to refer her to my friends and colleagues and will absolutely seek to work with her again!"

Morgan Rose

"Working with Dana was so helpful! She really helped me narrow in on my life purpose and helped me maneuver through a few areas of life I'd been struggling with. She makes complex astrological ideas easier to understand. It was an intuitive, helpful, wonderful meeting! I gained a lot from it!"

Kayla G.


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Applied Astrology = True Transformation


If you’re sick of constantly looking for answers online and want to save yourself from hours of sifting through information.

You can download my free Ebook Birth Chart Blueprint

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