Chart Readings

Get to know your authentic spirit + how you can co-create with the universe through the upcoming astrological weather.

Connect To Your Authentic Self With Astrology 

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the exact moment you were born, revealing your purpose, unique gifts, and soul contracts. 

Discover yourself with a Cosmic Consults. Designed to be a two-way discussion, these 60-minute sessions allow to can ask questions, learn about your chart, and go deeper into who you really are.

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A Deep Dive on the Astrological Weather

Generic horoscopes often don't land because they don't take your unique birth chart into account. 

The quarterly forecast reading package changes all that. You'll receive 3 1-hour readings – one per month – that detail how the upcoming astrological weather will activate your birth chart. 

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Client Love


From the start, it was clear that Dana has a passion and knowledge for interpreting personal astrology that goes way beyond anything I have ever experienced. My reading not provided individualized chart analysis, but helped me integrate the knowledge with what I already know about myself.


Thank you so much!! This insight helped me view things in a new way. The info about my “detriment “ planet Saturn and how it related to some of my general struggles and also with my Mom was helpful and comforting. You made everything easy to understand. You are such a great teacher and your passion is very apparent!

Courses + Workshops

Take your self-discovery to the next level with astrology-based courses + experiences, designed to help you quantum leap into your best life.

Astrology-based group coaching for those ready to level up in life


Alignment Architect is an applied astrology experience, designed to go beyond interpretation and into action.

You'll not only learn principles of astrological interpretation, but you'll actually use your birth chart, along with past and future astrological transits, to explore, embrace, and ultimately, embody your authentic self.  

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Self-paced digital course for horoscope enthusiasts + aspiring astrologers


Go beyond generic horoscopes by learning how to craft personalized astro forecasts for yourself or others with Transit Translator.

You'll learn the principles of chart interpretation – which can be applied to natal or forecast charts – as well as how to work with the upcoming astrological energy.

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More Client Love


I’m so grateful for everything that I learned through Transit Translstor. Dana seamlessly pulls together the basics of Chart & transit interpretation while steadily increasing the complexity of topics & advancing this knowing with real examples displaying the concepts being discussed. Her straightforward approach to teaching and streamlined system for working magic with the cosmos has helped me to feel more confident in having fun while diving into my own charts & offering readings to clients.


This course was so valuable in helping me understand transits in my chart at any point in time. I went back and looked at my chart at different major events in my life and it was so cool to see the astrology at play and to be able to interpret it better for myself. Dana is a wonderful teacher. She is so clear, gave great examples and I appreciated the way she created the videos so I could easily follow along. She thought of everything. Thank you so much, Dana! I'm so excited to continue to interpret my chart for myself. It feels I'm finally able to grasp the many layers of astrology.