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From the start, it was clear that Dana has a passion and knowledge for interpreting personal astrology that goes way beyond anything I have ever experienced. My reading not provided individualized chart analysis, but helped me integrate the knowledge with what I already know about myself.

She helped me understand how to prepare for future energy movements, pinpointing the exact days in the kindest and most loving way. It's like someone handing you a road map for your future, pointing out important places and awareness along the way, while being aware of the past journey without even personally knowing you.

The information I received was valuable as I now can plan how to support, celebrate and take care of myself as the future unfolds.”


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A Direct Line to Your Unique Gifts, Talents, + Purpose

Tired of feeling confused? Get clarity on relationships, career, business, and so much more.

The Impact of Upcoming Astrology Transits  

Go beyond generic horoscopes and get the specific details about what the astro weather is activating for you.

The Answers to All Your Burning Astrology Questions

Tired of Googling into oblivion in an attempt to understand astrology? Use the built-in Q&A time to ask me anything.

Thank you so much!! The info about my “detriment “ planet Saturn and how it related to some of my general struggles and also with my Mom was helpful and comforting. You made everything easy to understand. You are such a great teacher and your passion is very apparent! You’re the best!!


Cosmic Consults 

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